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Monday, January 26, 2015

hastening the work!‏

Woohoo, yet another marvelous week has gone by. 

Sister Hill and I are working great together and she is such a fireball missionary! She also speaks fluent Spanish so I've been working on my Spanish street contacting skills as of lately. 

Anddd as I mentioned last week.. Tawny got baptized on Monday night! It was one of the most beautiful, spirit filled baptisms I've ever been to. Before she entered into the font she just hugged us and cried. She was so excited to finally be able to fully follow the Savior as she had been preparing to do over the last 14 months. She is such an incredibly strong woman and definitely had to make a huge leap of faith, but she is doing great and has really noticed a difference this past week having the spirit with her constantly! Her family was all there and is very supportive! Her boys both want to go on missions some day as well :) 

Tiffany and James are also doing great and are getting closer and closer to being able to be baptized! Tiffany is in 3 Nephi now and has only been reading the Book of Mormon for 2 months. I'm taking notes from her!

Seth is also doing great! We had a lesson with him this Sunday and taught him and the Buchannon family about the Plan of Salvation. There is nothing as cool as seeing someone's face light up as they feel the spirit testify that this really is Heavenly Father's plan for the happiness of all of His children. Seth is also reading the Book of Mormon like a champ and is almost in Jacob! He started like a week ago.. these people are so prepared!! I love being a missionary because we get to learn from those we teach just as much as those we teach learn from us. What a blessing :)

We have still been teaching Mais (from Pakistan) and she is really starting to progress! Her two kids run to the door and get all excited anytime we come over :) She is loving learning more about the gospel and said she really feels satisfied after our visits. She mentioned that nothing in life can bring us as much satisfaction as learning about the Savior and His teachings. She is so right! 

We also were able to see 2 people accept a baptismal date this week! Rodger, who had been taught by missionaries about a year ago, who is now super excited to get back into it and come to church! He's in Alma in his reading in the Book of Mormon. These people seriously blow my mind. Also, Sophie, a little 9 year old whose mom has been starting to come back to church. She has a Catholic father, but decided she really loves church with her mom and wants to pray and know if "Heavenly Father is Mormon." Little kids are so cute and so fun to teach! 

And last but not least, we had stake conference this weekend! Elder FROST of the quorum of the 70 came with his sweet wife, and our mission president and his wife (Elder and Sister SNOW), so that was kind of fun! They talked a lot about member missionary work and having a family mission plan! Missionary work is changing from only 88,000 missionaries in the world, to 15 million missionaries! Can you imagine??? We can literally change the world if everyone invited/helped 1 friend come closer to Christ each month. So that is my challenge for you :) Prayerfully select someone you know and invite them to either take lessons from the missionaries, come to church, or simply just share your testimony with them! The work of Salvation is hastening and we ALL must be a part of it!

Love ya lots! 

Have a great week.

Sister Kraus

pic 1. Tawny and her family at her baptism!
pic 2. Sister Robbinson and I! I met her in the Nauvoo temple before my mission.. crazy small world!

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