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Monday, January 19, 2015

Tawny's getting baptized!‏

Woohoo. Annnd it's Monday again. I feel like my whole week is just one really long day.. it's super crazy. Welp this week was ridiculously amazing..We had transfer though, which is super sad... I'm staying in Anthem and I'll have Sister Hill, and Sister Mayfield is leaving me and going to Lake Havasu!.. crazy. I'm going to miss that girl like nobodies business!

We had 2 super huge miracles I wanted to start with!

First off.... TAWNY IS GETTING BAPTIZED TONIGHT! She decided on Thursday that she knew it's what she needs to do to show her faith and be obedient to her Heavenly Father, so she set herself to be baptized on Monday...today! We were seriously speechless. She's been taking lessons for over a year and has had tons of good questions and a sincere desire to know the truth. As she found out the Book of Mormon was true about a month ago, she decided that she couldn't wait any longer and needed to be the good example to her husband and family. She is such an incredible lady and it has been an absolute honor getting to teach her and help her recognize the spirit and come to know the truth. Pics to come next week :) Also.. in her Book of Mormon reading, she is on track to read Mosiah 18 today!!! Where it specifically tells us we promise to do when we are baptized and the huge blessings that we receive as we take action on our faith. What a miracle! She was in amazement when she discovered that a couple days ago (when she was in Mosiah 16). Heavenly Father truly does know us and gives us answers to our prayers. 

Second miracle.. At the "Why I Believe" fireside last night, some sister missionaries came up to me and told me there was someone at the fireside who wanted to talk to me. They brought me over to meet a man named Chris who I had taught 1 lesson to in my first area in Paradise! If you remember the experience I wrote about 6 months ago when we taught a group of 6 guys who had just recently got of jail/were on probation.... well Chris was one of those guys! We thought that they just met with us to meet girls/flirt (which we later found out that was the motive of the other 5 guys) but Chris had felt something during our lesson and helped him know that he should investigate further. He never told us, and he ended up moving to Boulder City, where he met other missionaries, and eventually moved back to Vegas and met with missionaries again! Well long story short, he'll be getting baptized in March! I could hardly believe it. It was a testimony builder to me that we should give everyone a chance to learn about the gospel.. even people we think aren't ready or are scary felons! ha. But seriously, it was an incredible experience. The Church is so true!!!

And last but not least, Sister Mayfield got a slight concussion from morning sports on Tuesday so we ended up having to go to the ER that night to check it out. No worries, she was completely fine! BUT, I know we were in that ER room for a reason.. we ended up talking to this Hispanic guy who had dried blood all over his hands (minor detail) for a few minutes and told him that we're missionaries and what not. He talked with us for a minute in broken English, then all of a sudden whipped out his temple recommend! He was a member just trying to trick us! haha, but his friend next to him was not, so we gave him the Restoration pamphlet to read through and talked to him a little about it. He read it, then about an hour later, they sat back down and we gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet to read. He was super excited and loved learning about the gospel! Ha it was definitely a miracle. People are searching for the truth all over the place! Especially in the ER waiting room.

And last thing for realsies, we taught Skylar's boyfriend Seth yesterday and he loved it!! He's already been reading the Book of Mormon and wants to be baptized when he knows it's true! We're super excited for him :)

And spiritual thought for the week:
Charity is 3-D!

The pure love for Christ.
The pure love from Christ.
The pure love like Christ.

have a great week!

Sister Kraus

pic 1: Chris, his son and I at the Why I Believe! His son wants to go on a mission some day!
pic 2: we went to the whirly mines last P-day! It was sweet.. and we wore.. jeans.. 

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