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Monday, August 4, 2014

Going to Kingman!‏

Welp first things first...I got transferred and I'm going to Kingman, AZ! Apparently it's hotter then Las Vegas (not sure how that is even possible) but I am so excited for this new adventure! Definitely had a hard time saying bye to people here though. It's been a week of mixed emotions, but hey.. welcome to the mission life! 

This week was super sweet as always! Ohh my goodness my heart is filled with so much love for the people we are teaching right now... Especially Ashley and Benjamin!
Ashley is just incredible. She has been having some conflict from her mom and Grandma concerning her decision to be baptized...(unfortunately we sort of new this was going to happen). However, after she had talked to her mom one night she had the impression to drive up to the temple (where she had never been before) and say a prayer. She drove up and realized the gates were locked due to cleaning/remodeling.. but she said a prayer, and just like Heavenly Father always does for us, a man came over and happened to be opening the gate right at that moment. As she prayed, she was filled with feelings of love and peace and knew that everything she was doing was right. There will ALWAYS be opposition to the truth.. but Heavenly Father blesses those who keep His commandments and do His will. And not only that, but we are able to feel peace and joy in our life knowing that we are living exactly the way our Heavenly Father would have us live! What an amazing feeling that is. 

Benjamin (who we met last week) is also such a solid kid! Man has he had a hard life.. but he was able to read the Book of Mormon and came to know it is true. Since the day we met him, he has come to every single baptism we've invited him to, to church every Sunday, and to every other church activity. He LOVES feeling the spirit and even said he wished he could be in church all day everyday. I for one began to feel a little guilty at this point because I used to be a little relieved when church was over so I could go home and eat and sleep.. However, because he is not yet baptized, he isn't able to have that peace and comfort from the spirit at all times and  he does everything he can to feel that. He has really taught me to never take the spirit for granted! We are so blessed to be able to feel of Heavenly Father's love for us, pretty much whenever we ask for it if we are living righteously. 

Also, we were able to go up to the temple grounds on Saturday night with Ashley, Benjamin, our new convert Cody, Kenny, and my girl Erin Cranor. Man do I love this group of people! We talked about how we can find joy in the journey and compared the beauty of the temple, then looked behind us towards the strip and looked for beautiful things over there as well. We came to realize that there will ALWAYS beauty and joy in our lives, as long as we take the time to look for it.  Psalms 118:23-24. So I challenge you all this week to be happy and don't let the little things get ya down! Today is a gift...that's why it's called the present ;) 

Ohh also, shout out to Sister Hunsaker for bringing back fresh homemade bread from my lovely mama and my violin from home!!! Woot woot!

Have an amazing week! And be happy! :D

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