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Monday, July 28, 2014

Sharing the love!‏


And yet another miraculous week (as in..full of miracles) has flown by. I'll just share the highlights because as always, I am low on time..

First things first! Cody got baptized on saturday!! It was truly amazing to see how much he has changed and how he was glowing. His grandma was able to come and support him and we also had a surprise visit from our mission president, President Snow, and his lovely wife! I had to give a talk and also perform a musical number with Sister Robbins, so obviously I immediately got nervous when I saw them. but it went well and the spirit was so strong! Baptisms are the best :) 

Ashley also decided that she wants to be baptized on August 16th and our investigator Charleston also accepted the date of August 23rd! They are both so humble and sweet and have truly been prepared by our loving Heavenly Father. It has been a pleasure teaching both of them! (hopefully I don't get transferred this week so I can continue meeting with them!)

We also met a new guy named Benjamin who read the Book of Mormon when he was in prison and has truly changed his life around. He came to Cody's baptism on Saturday and church on Sunday and is so grateful to have the opportunity to turn his life around. He is amazing!

We met a guy named Steven on the street on Thursday (practically chased him down) and he seemed a little hesitant to meet with us at first.. but he ended up showing up at church on Sunday and stayed for all 3 hours! He also knew one of our members Daniel from work so that was another huge blessing! 

Spiritual thought for the week: missionary work is all about receiving our Savior's love and sharing it with others. When we engaged in missionary work, we feel feelings of love from our Heavenly Father and in return want to act and share that with others. So this week, I challenge you all to send a message of "I love you and I care about you" to EVERY person that you see...2 easy ways to do this. Hello, what is your name? and What can I do for you? 

Alma 30:5

Love you all and have an incredible week!

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