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Monday, August 18, 2014

Guage's baptism!‏

Yo Yo Yo!

And another week down.. can't believe it's almost September! And shout out to Dustan and Ellen who are getting sealed for time and all eternity next Tuesday. How incredible is that? And bonus, they are going to have the cutest kids ever.. 

So this week was a blur like usual, but that means because it was chuck full of amazing experiences. Being a missionary is so fun :)

We had exchanges on Tuesday and I was with Sister Lowry for the day! She is a bomb missionary and a phenomenal pianist. We're doing a musical number at Zone Conference tomorrow so that should be fun. We were able to see lots of new people and set up some return appointments! We also had a crazy rain storm that night so the other 2 sisters had to stay in Kingman for the night (they live in Lake Havasu..about an hour away). We had a slumber party of course.. which consisted of eating Hy-chews, doing our planning for the next day, and hitting the sack. We were exhausted. 

On Friday we had Sisters Conference which is pretty much the best thing ever. All of the NVLV sister missionaries get together for some trainings, food, testimonies, and tears (we're sisters.. what do you expect). The sisters here are def going to be the moms of the next stripling warriors. We also got to go to the temple afterwards and what a blessing that was! The spirit is always so strong and peaceful. I didn't want to leave. I also read D&C 93:51 which helped me understand how much Heavenly Father knows and loves us all. He knows us by name! He also wants us to hasten this work and help more souls come unto Him and find the joys of this gospel asap. About 99.8 percent of the world is completely missing out on what we came here to do and become. We've got lots of work to do. 

Saturday was awesome as well and Guage Short (9 yrs old) got baptized!!! He is a cutie pie! The spirit was super strong, and watching his face as he looked up at the guy baptizing him with a little smile was priceless. Kids are so pure and innocent! No wonder we're told to become like little children. His Less active/non member family members were able to come and support him as well and I think his example had a huge impact on them. 

Sunday was.. well pretty much filled with church meetings. SO.. awesome! I never thought I would be able to sit through 6 hours of church (2 wards) and survive, let a lone enjoy it.. but hey, people change right? It's pretty much an all you can eat buffet of the spirit. We also had a fireside later that night so about 8 hours total of church.. not bad eh? Nichelle came with her 2 kids and really loved it as well! She will be getting baptized this Sunday and is so excited :) I love that girl! She also wants to go to BYU in January for school. Shout out to the best school there is! Go Cougs! 

Well i'm out of time.. have an incredible week and look for missionary opportunities! Also, men.. do your best to become like Moroni. The ladies love him, and Satan fears him. Alma 48: 11-13; 17

pics: Gauge at his baptism! Temple trip! Sweet rock background.

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