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Monday, August 11, 2014

Keepin it real in Kingman!‏

Whats up?!

And another week has flown by. Man I feel like I just moved across the country.. Kingman is SO different then Vegas! But it's awesome :) I'm training a girl from Mexico City who has been here for 6 weeks! She is learning English for the first time and is soo amazing! It has been a little challenging trying to communicate, learn the new area, and meet/work with over 500 people in 2 wards, but its' been way exciting! Plus, I get to try and learn a little bit of Spanish :) We do language study every day for an hour, so I'm hoping by the end of these 6 weeks I"ll be fluent...haha. yeah. I wish. 

Anyways, This area is sweeet! It's way cooler then Vegas (only about 100-105 on average) and it's a much slower paced town. The people we've met are super sweet and humble and we are so excited to find, teach, and baptize! We've been teaching a couple named Scott and Dyan and they are solid! Dyan absolutely LOVES the Book of Mormon. She highlights it like crazy and even said she gets emotional at times as she reads. She is so sensitive to the spirit and every lesson with them is THICK with the spirit. It's incredible. They are getting married and baptized on Sept. 13! Can't wait :)

We met this girl named Nichelle on Wednesday and she is also super incredible. She wants to be baptized and loves the Book of Mormon as well. She also wants to go to BYU! How crazy?? She may be moving by the end of the month to Utah though, so we'll have to see if she will want to be baptized before she moves or if we'll get her in contact with missionaries over there. 

We're teaching a guy named Quentin who is seriously genius status. He knows the bible and Book of Mormon inside and out and everytime we teach him I learn something new. Like literally, mind blown every time. He's set for baptism on August 23rd as long as he stays away from the ol cigs! 

We're also teaching a little 9 year old boy named Guage. Oh my goodness. Cutest kid ever. First time I met him, I cried because he reminded me of my lil bro Levi so much. He's getting baptized this Saturday and is so excited! Hopefully he will set the example for his parents and other siblings and drag their bums back to church! (They're a little less active at the moment :/..)

Basically this area is super sweet! I'm excited to get to know everyone and help it progress as much as possible! Being a missionary is THE best. I love it. I love this gospel so much, I love the joy that it brings into our lives, and I LOVE my Savior Jesus Christ. The church is soo true! Live it. Love it. Share it!

Sister Kraus

pic 1: we are teaching a woman who is 95 years old! She's amazing. 
pic 2. 6 am service is the best. Ohh. and the new comp's name is Sis Martin. Love her already :)

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