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Monday, May 19, 2014

Feeling The HEAT!!

Wow what a week! Probably the hardest since I've been out in the field..but everything is still going great :) So my new companion came in on Wednesday afternoon, so all of Tuesday and half of Wednesday I was with a different sister named Sister Jenkins. She is friggin awesome and I learned so much! It was seriously a tender mercy being with her because it got me all hyped up and excited to try out the things I had learned, as well as be even more excited about missionary work with my new companion! 

So the new companions name is Sister Robbins and she is fresh out of the MTC! She is ready to work and excited to be here, so we are going to have an awesome time together :) She already encountered her first scorpion (on the toilet paper roll in the bathroom.. yeah..random..) so I told her she's now ready for anything Vegas has to throw at her. She is not a huge fan of street contacting yet, but we're working on it :)  It's really made me have to be excited and confident about talking to completely random people..and I am, because It's pretty much the besssst, especially since everyone here is so friendly! (welll just about everyone...)

Soo it is definitely summer here in Vegas now.. it hit 105 a couple times this week, so we are getting used to feeling sweaty all the time. Our watch tan lines are looking pretty legit...Luckily everyone sympathizes with two little white girls out walking around in the heat, so they usually offer us water, or at least let us talk to them :) We got a lot of return appointments this week just from street contacting! Awesomeee. Also, the song "Carry On" page 255 in the hymn book has become my theme song as of lately.. it even talks about walking around in a dessert and what not.. very fitting.

So this is going to be a bit of a short letter because this last week honestly feels like mush in my brain.. but I'll leave you with some closing thoughts that really impacted me this week :)

* The miracle of the atonement is not only that we can go home, but that we can feel at home there! -Brad Wilcox

*The end product will be better, as long as we always give our best.

*I am here to share the best thing of my life with others. How lucky am I? :)

Favorite scripture of the week: 2 Timothy 2:1-4

I always want to be a good soldier of my Savior Jesus Christ!

Ohhh and last thing... everyone should find one friend and do something called the Willing and Brief invitation. "Hello so and so, would you be willing to listen to a brief message from two of our (insert awesome adjective here) missionaries?" You can text it, you can email it, you can put it on face book, or you can do it face to face.. but just DO IT. It works :) 
We heard a testimony last night about how a guy joined the church because someone finally got up the courage to walk across the street and hand his friend a book of Mormon.. all he said was "Hi, heres a Book of Mormon; if you have time, you should read it. If you have any questions just ask me." Boom. And he was baptized 4 months later, and now has affected loads of peoples lives. It's that easy :) 

Sistah Kraus

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