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Monday, April 7, 2014

2 Months already!!

Man this week was incredible! And probably the longest week since I've been out here because we were counting down the days until general conference. bad idea.. because it makes it go extra slow.. sort of like Christmas. 

Anyways.. GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS THE BOMB.COM. I loved every second of it! President Monson and the apostles and the other leaders are truly men called of God. I know everything they talked about was stuff that we all need in our lives today. Don't ask me what my favorite was because I have no idea.. though i really loved President Uchtdorf's talk on gratitude and also President Monson's talk about loving each other more. We are all brother and sisters after all and we can show love in our day to day interactions with er'ybody.  I also loved all of the talks on obedience...Oh and the talk about the Mormons who were in the Olympics..represent!! If you didn't get the chance to hear all of the conference talks, go to LDS.org and listen to them. It will change your life, I promise :)

So this week was full of miracles. We were able to find 9 new investigators to teach! What a blessing :) One of the guys we've been teaching told us he's been reading his Book of Mormon at 3 am because that's when he happens to wake up most nights.. he wants to be baptized within a couple weeks! His friend Stephan is still as awesome as ever and still prays for fried chicken all the time.. Oh and I got peed on by their dog.. that was sweet.

We started teaching two brothers named Akeen and Jarvis and they are so solid! They asked all about the Book of Mormon and were so excited when we gave them their own copy! It was really sweet to tell them about how much reading one little book could change their lives. They really want to live a good life with a clear conscience so they were so excited when we taught them about how they really become more like the Savior everyday. 

We've been meeting/teaching a lot of people from Africa and they are some of the most humble and sweet spirited people I have ever met. One guy named Patrick taught us all about Kenya and said that Sister Crane and I can go visit his family after our missions. Done deal. We also have some connections in Liberia, so I'm thinking about a month long safari in Africa when I get home.. who needs college right? ha. Just kidding.. stay in school kids. 

SOOOO Since the news is officially out.. CONGRATS to the newest almost member of the Kraus family... ELLEN!!! My brother Dustan and Ellen got engaged on Friday.. and said they would wait until I get home to get married...ohh wait.. no they didn't..:p it's ok, i'm not bitter...
But seriously, i'm so excited to have a new sister!! 
Also, shout out to my roomie Mybree and her new husband Caleb!! Crazy exciting stuff :)

Have an amazing week and always remember: Heavenly Father IS aware of You personally and LOVES you no matter what. No matter how hard life may seem to get..Try to develop an attitude of gratitude and life will seem infinitely better. 

Sistuh Kraus

ps. Please keep my cousin Jake Trotter in your prayers.. he had a nasty longboarding crash last weekend...:( Please be safe everyone! Love you all.

pss. Sister Crane and I made scripture cases on P-day last monday and they are probably the coolest things since sliced bread.just sayin..

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