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Monday, April 13, 2015


ANDDD, another week has gone by already.

Monday: I got asked to play "I am a Child of God" on violin at a baby's funeral. It was such a special service and the spirit testified to me once again that the Plan of Salvation is REAL, and that Heavenly Father loves us and knows us, even when really hard things happen. Trials are to help us become like Him. Without them, He would be robbing us of that opportunity! The baby's parents aren't members of the church and don't have a strong foundation on Christ, but I felt strongly that this baby came to earth to help his parents find the gospel. 

Tuesday: We had a miracle inspired knock! We felt prompted to knock on a random house, and this young man named Jose opened up and immediately invited us in! It shocked me, because people usually hide behind the door, or say they're not interested.. but Jose is actually a less active member of our church and wants us to come back and teach his family! His girlfriend and kids aren't members.

Wednesday: Had a mission wide conference call about ways that we can use to be more innovative in our missionary work, and to help the missionaries in our zone be more excited about upcoming holidays/events! Earth day is coming up.... so why not tell everyone why/how the earth was created in our street contacts?? Should be interesting...:)

Thursday: We taught a new guy named Dwayne about the restoration. He was So engaged! The spirit was strong during the lesson and he recognized it. When we invited him to be baptized at the end, on May 16th, he immediately said YES! What time?? It was awesome! He's so prepared.

Friday: Had a powerful lesson with our 11 year old investigator Genesis at the church building. She's getting baptized next Saturday (on my birthday!! woot woot) and is so excited. Another missionary at the church asked her if she had a brother named Leviticus, or Deuteronamy... she was a bit lost. Looks like we need to teach her a bit more about the bible..haha.

Saturday: Got to go back to Anthem for Zion's baptism!!! IT was such a blessing to be back, and  my sweet sweet member Sister Olenslager (who has 6 kids under the age of 10! Wonder woman!!) was kind enough to drive me down :) I loved getting to see Tawny and her family, and so many other amazing people that I love! The members there are amazing. 
We also had transfers and Sister Herman is going to Lake Havasu! I'll be getting Sister Robbinson, who already is in this zone, so it won't be too much of an adjustment :)

Sunday: Amazing as always. 2 wards is a bit exhausting, (we're at the church from 8:30-4) but it's awesome. We got a whole new bishopric in our  Mountain Shadows ward, and the new bishop is the brother of someone in my first ward on the mission! Crazy!!

It was fast week! But super fun :) as always. Missionary life is the best.

Have a great week!!

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