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Monday, April 20, 2015

This week was stellar


This week was stellar. Isn't that a great word? And it perfectly describes my week :)
I got my new companion Sister Robinson and she is simply amazing! I have been so blessed with my companions and we've already seen how inspired this companionship is!

We've been slightly sleep deprived all week due to trips back and forth to the mission office to pick up a new missionary in our zone, and for a new STL meeting, but it really made me appreciate the time we had to just go out and teach some lessons and proselyte! There really is nothing that makes me happier :) 

Even though Sister Robinson and I didn't get much time to plan lessons/roleplay, we were able to teach the Restoration 2 different times to families and a sweet 14 year girl, and the spirit was practically tangible. A total of 8 investigators accepted baptismal dates this week! We were ecstatic. And exhausted. And a bit slap happy at times to be honest.. but we kept that contained to inside our apartment. No worries. 

The 14 year old girl we taught this week named Serenity is so cool! We had a "Meet the Mormons" movie night in one of our wards and her friend Victoria invited her and she came! She told us right after the movie that she wanted to meet with us and start taking the lessons :) Woot woot! Member missionary work is the best!!

                                                        Sister Robinson's stellar poster!

Andd Saturday was like the best day ever! It was my birthday,for one, so that was pretty sweet :) Sister Robinson made me a stellar breakfast of eggs, fruit, and nuts, and put a big poster up on the wall that said "I don't know about you, I'm feeling 22." She's a huge T swift fan, if you couldn't tell..
We walked out of our apartment after our studies and had our first street contact of the day with a cute 20 year old lady named Janelle. She was so friendly and excited to talk with us, and said that her and her mom just moved in and had been looking for a church! She also said that she had been feeling a weight on her shoulders and knew that meeting us was a sign from God that she need to start studying her scriptures more and getting closer to Jesus Christ. WHOA. talk about a birthday miracle! Our investigator Genesis got baptized this Saturday as well!! And to top it off, Sister Brooks, our relief society president, took us to Outback for dinner. Yum. It was so fun :)

And last but not least, Sunday! We had out investigator CJ decide he wanted to come to the "Why I Believe" fireside last minute and it was phenomenal. One of the speakers, when telling his conversion story, said that as he was sitting at a stoplight, with just 20 seconds until it turned green, he told God that he was either going to be all in and become Mormon, or all out and stop taking lessons and going to church. He said right after he said this little prayer, a car pulled up to his right and his eyes turned to the cars license plate which read "BE MORMON." And we all know the rest of the story. How incredible is that???? I know that there are no coincidences in this life, and that God absolutely answers each and every one of His precious children's prayers. This is the most stellar gift we have in our lives, along with the life and sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ. I love Him with all my heart. 

Have an amazing week!

love you all

Sister Kraus
Genesis' baptism!

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