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Monday, March 9, 2015

New everything!‏

hey hey!
Ok, new area, new companion, 2 new wards makes for a pretty crazy week!
Saying good bye to all my favorite people ever in Anthem was pretty hard, but it's amazing how Heavenly Father always helps me open my heart again and love the people here as well. It usually just takes about a week or two.. 
I'm here with Sister Herman now (who came out with me) in North Las Vegas and WOW is it a little different then Anthem. But it's great :) Lots of people outside to talk to, and lots of people looking for relief  in their lives. Good thing the gospel can literally fix ALL of their problems! The tricky part is getting them to believe that. 
So i'll just touch real quickly on the highlights of the week. There were ALOT! First off, we had a baptism on Saturday of a super sweet girl named Kineesha. It was so neat to hear about how much the gospel has changed her life and how happy she is now compared to a year ago. She was walking on the street one day when a member of our congregation (sister Gubler) saw her and felt like she needed to pull over and help her. She did, and got to know Kineesha a little bit and felt like she should offer up a room in her home to her. So she did! And Kineesha started coming to church with her, loved it, wanted to take missionary lessons, and as of Saturday, is a member of Christ's true church on the earth. How amazing is that??
Sunday was a bit mind blowing as I tried to meet and remember as many names/faces of the two new wards as I could. I think about 5 of them stuck.. but anyways, the most incredible family in our Craig Ranch ward (the Montandons) offered to give me a ride to a baptism in Kingman Sunday night! Helen and her son Gavin were getting baptized, after about a 2 year journey with the church. Helen and Gary were married on last Sunday, Gavin turned 8 on Friday, and they were both baptized together. Talk about an amazing experience. The spirit was soo strong and the whole chapel was full of friends and ward members to support their family. Brother Kahananui also asked me to bring my fiddle to accompany him as he sang "Savior, Redeemer." His voice is absolutely beautiful and once again the spirit was just overpowering. I love this gospel. It is just ridiculously true. 
We also had some fun street contacting experiences this week. We ran into a whole mariachi band that was going to perform for a party. One of the band members had a violin with her and said I could play it. Woot woot. Best street contact ever.
We also met this big Polynesian man with the cutest little baby girl ever. The man's name is Big Baby, and as we talked with him a bit more, he opened up and said he was actually a member of the church, had fallen a way a bit, but now was wanting to come back and be a good father to his kids. We shared a scripture with him and offered to say a prayer in his home with him as well. He started to get emotional as the spirit touched his heart, so it was a bit awkward for me as I was praying to say, and please bless this.....big baby......and his family..etc. haha. it was neat experience though and I know Heavenly Father definitely guided us to him!
And we also found 4 super solid new people to teach. One is a super cool lady named Sherry who totally wants to join the church, once she knows it's true of course. But she felt the spirit so strong and is pretty much already convinced. Wow. I love the spirit. It is evidence of Heavenly Father's love for us! It's everywhere :)
Try to do something every day that helps you feel the spirit more strongly! It's what brings us joy :)
Love you all and have a great week!
Sis Kraus

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