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Monday, March 16, 2015

"Instruments in His hands"‏

Alright, this has to be super short, because I've got to figure out what classes to sign up for school in the Fall. Yikes. Talk about freaky.
But this week was great!!
We found 10 new people to teach, and 5 of them are the coolest kids ever.
We went to talk to Kaleeah's dad (who has been coming to church with her friend and wants to be baptized) and ask him if he was ok with us teaching her and her brother Josh. He said yes of course, though he may have been a bit under the influence of a green plant. Anyways, we went inside to find Kaleeah and Josh and they were in the middle of a jam session! Kaleeah is 12 and Josh is 9 (seriously looks like a miniature Bob Marley..  long dreads and all). I happened to have my violin in the car, so we decided to turn it into a teaching moment....andddd I really wanted to play with these little kid prodigys. So I started playing "Nearer My God to Thee" and Kaleeah immediately threw down a sick beat on the drums, Josh started improving on the keyboard, and their friend Todd followed us with the bass. It was sooooo cool!  Afterwards, we went in their kitchen where 3 other kids were, and taught them about Jesus Christ and His gospel. They had some of the most sincere, and brilliant questions I've ever heard, and they all want to learn more and be baptized. Now we just have to get their dads on board..... that'll be the tricky part. 
Also, our investigator Keith is doing super great!! He loves church and he is so excited for his baptismal date on March 28th. We taught him about the word of wisdom this week and he was like, "yeahh, that all makes sense. I already live that right now!" Talk about elect. 
And lastly, Sister Herman and I were asked to speak in church in our Mountain Shadows ward, and my topic was on What I do when I gain faith in Christ. It was so neat to study and prepare for. So I invite you all to think about what you do when you gain faith in Christ this week. :) My thoughts ended up turning to Moroni 7:41-45. Such incredible scriptures!! 
Love you all and have a sweet week!
Sister Kraus
pics. Being an "instrument" in His hands is such a blessing :)

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