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Monday, February 9, 2015

Christmas everyday!‏


My mind just feels like mush today. The past week feels like a month of events have happened, but it feels like it only lasted 2 days. The mission does weird things to your brain...

But, it was a great week like always!

I really gained an even firmer testimony of prayer and fasting. Over the past couple weeks Sister Hill and I weren't having much luck in finding new people to teach. When you don't find new people to teach, missionary work pretty much comes to a stand still. We decided to fast on Thursday night, and also had the opportunity to go to the temple with a recent convert in our ward named Bernie. We broke our fast on Friday and found 4 new people to teach that night! This is after a week and a half of finding no one. Saturday we found 2 more, and found another on Sunday. Heavenly Father is way too good to us! I know He is aware of each of our circumstances and is just waiting to pour out blessings upon us, as we make an effort to ask for them. 

On Saturday I also got to go on an exchange with Sister Hirsch! My MTC companion!!! It was such neat experience, especially since we have both been out for about a year now... shoot dang time flies. We found the cutest little family to teach as well! They invited us in to share a scripture and prayer with them, but it turned into a 45 minute lesson about the Restoration of Christ's gospel. Their eyes lit up several times as we explained where the Book of Mormon came from, and how the church has grown and truly is the Lord's kingdom here on the earth, preparing us for the Second Coming. Oh wow, they're elect! We also taught Roger that evening about the Plan of Salvation, as well as the importance of keeping the Sabbath Day holy.. (he's a little hesitant to come to church). We read Exodus 31 with him... probably a bit intense.. but it got the point across and he finally came to church! He loved it :)

Speaking of church miracles, Mais and her 2 kids came to church as well, though Mais's little 6 year old girl threw up in the car on the way over :/ They had already driven 20 minutes over though, and Mais was determined to check it out, so we cleaned her up a bit, and they ended up staying for about an hour and also loved it. Now that's dedication! Poor Nicolette was such a trooper.

We've also been teaching Tawny's two boys and wow are they incredible. Aaron is 10 and Zion is 8, and their prayers and comments during lessons are unlike anything I've ever heard. When they pray, they know that they are speaking to God. They know that they can get an answer as well, and they know what the spirit feels like to them. Zion said as he was reading in the Book of Mormon, he found an answer in a simple verse that talks about increasing faith in Christ and repenting when we do. He knows that baptism is the next step for him. He also asked if he could bring his Book of Mormon to school because it's getting to a really interesting part! Aaron is having similar experiences and they are both so excited to be baptized and promise to Heavenly Father that they will follow in Christ's footsteps. Teaching them is like Christmas morning every day!

And last but not least, we had a zone conference on Thursday and President Snow gave us an incredible training about our own personal growth and eternal progression. Sometimes as humans, we get so focused on the little ups and downs of life, the trials and tribulations, that we forget why were are here and who we are striving to become like. We came to earth to be tested! We understood our purpose before we came, and we accepted the fact that it would be terribly hard at times. I have seen people go through some of the hardest trials I've ever heard of out here on my mission. The only thing to bring them some sort of peace and relief is the knowledge of who we are, WHOSE we are, and where we are going after this life. We are here to become like our Savior, to gain experiences that will help us recognize the divinity inside of each of us. Once we know this, and understand this, we can make it through anything. And not just make it through, but ENJOY every minute of this life. 2 Nephi 2:25. Men are that they might have JOY :)

So go and have a joyful week! And help others do the same :) 

ps. Apparently I sleep talk every night about the importance of being an instrument in God's hands.. my poor companion..

Sister Kraus

pic1. Our little friend Boe wanted to come be a missionary with his momma.. he soon realized that missionary work is exhausting!
pic.2. Exchange with Sister Hirsch! Sorry it's upside down..computer wouldn't let me rotate it..

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