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Monday, December 22, 2014

Our Gift to Him‏

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wow, this week has really snuck up on me. Let's be honest, every week sneaks up on ya on a mission.. but especially Christmas week. And plus, here in Vegas, it being 70 degrees right now, it doesn't exactly feel like it outside.. but it does in my heart! And in the hearts of people all around us. The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of Christ, which comes as we act Christlike. Too bad this wasn't the feeling all year round! But we're getting there with Christmas season now starting before Thanskgiving.. 

Well this week was amazing in so many ways. 
We had Christmas conference with a couple zones of missionaries where we received trainings and got to share Christmas stories/messages with each other. We also got to hear the departing testimonies of the missionaries going home. All I can say is wow. The spirit was tangible. We are living modern witnesses of the divinity of Christ's great and marvelous Latter-Day work and there is nothing more powerful then our personal testimonies. Especially those about to leave the mission. Everything becomes much more real. The reality of no longer getting to devote all of our time, talents, and interests to serving the Lord and bringing about his Kingdom here on earth. They get to serve Him in other ways of course, but there is nothing better then completely consecrated, focused, heart felt service for His children, all day every day. I am the luckiest, and the happiest girl alive.  

At Christmas conference I was able to talk with my last companion in Kingman. She informed me that Carlos (our amazing investigator.. read prior emails) was getting baptized on December 28th!!! Talk about a Christmas present. I've never been so happy. He had bore his testimony a couple weeks back during sacrament meeting and apparently had everyone in tears. I'm going to do my absolute best to get a ride so I can be there! I love him and his kids so so much. 

We had interviews with President Snow which was also a treat. Wow do we love him. He and his lovely wife sister Snow dressed up like Santa/sister Claus. It was hilarious. He's a cowboy at heart so he wore his cowboy hat along with his santa hat. We had a little talent show as well so Elder White (Piano genius) and I got to do a fun little mashup. If you look up Derek White on facebook (he just went home) you should be able to find the video he posted. 

I'm about out of time.. but all of our investigators are doing well and we should have a couple baptisms coming up! I have gained so much love for the people here. I sometimes think there is no way my heart can stretch and grow more to keep loving those we meet.. but it does, and it amazes me everytime. It has helped me understand how much love the Savior has for each of us, and His love is infinite.. so ours can be too for each other. That's my invitation to you all. As your gift to the Savior this year, love everyone you see! 

Love you all :)

Merry Christmas again!

Sister Kraus

pics. santa and sister clause
Musical genius Elder White, and our shorty ZL Elder Norton. 

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