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Monday, December 15, 2014

Fill the world with Christlike love‏

Ok I'm real short on time this week.. so here are the highlights!

Monday we went Christmas caroling in the coolest tricked out trailer I've ever seen with members of our ward. It had 2 TV's hooked up to it that played the background music while we sang...We sat on hay bails and rode around the neighborhood knocking on doors and singing at the top of our lungs. It's interesting how many people answer the door when we're not the ones knocking...haha. It was really neat and everyone we sang was so grateful. Some cried, some recorded us. Man, I love the Christmas spirit. 

Tuesday we had an awesome lesson with Tiffany, who we've been teaching along with her husband for the past few weeks. She is so awesome! It's crazy how much love you can develop for someone you've just met. That's what the gospel does. Fills you with Christlike love for everyone!

Wednesday we taught some of our young little investigators. Stetson (7 almost 8) and Logan (9), along with a whole slew of younger siblings. Definitely my favorite lesson to teach every week. They are so smart, sweet, and cute! We had a lesson about following the prophet, and played a game of Monson says (similar to Simon says..). They loved it, and the spirit is always so strong with young kids!

Thursday we had a great lesson with Tawny, who wants to be baptized, we're just trying to get her husband Aaron on board. But speaking of Aaron, he helped cook $1000 of meat with some ward members for our ward Christmas party that was Thursday night as well. He's super awesome! The Christmas party was well attended with around 450 people there. The wards are huge here!

Friday we had MLC (mission leadership council) and received lots of revelation and innovative ideas. We always leave those meetings feeling like we're going to baptized the whole world!
We also met a guy named Ryan street contacting who said he's exploring the LDS church already, and that he goes to church a couple times a month in California with some friends.... our jaws dropped to say the least. However, he wasn't completely open to the idea of us coming over anytime soon, but said if we were in the area.. needed water or something, then we could stop in..I think we'll be in the area a little more then usual :) He said he's a cop and has explored lots of religions, and the LDS faith is the only one that he agrees with the standards. Pretty neat guy!!

Saturday we talked to lots of people, and lots of people weren't interested.. but hey.. it was still a good day :)

Sunday was my favorite day of the week. Our Muslim investigator Leila came to church for the second week in a row and is really starting to love it. We also put on a stake musical missionary Christmas fireside that night at 6:30 that turned out to be a huge success! We had 5 musical numbers put on by missionaries, then 3 talks centered on how Jesus Christ is the gift. Lots of missionaries brought people they've been teaching, and our mission president and his wife also decided to come! The best part though is that Leila also came and felt the spirit so strong during one of the songs that she had to leave the room and couldn't stop crying. Once she came back in, she asked us why she was crying, but felt so happy at the same time? We explained to her that it's because the spirit was bearing witness to her that Jesus is the Savior of the world. She gasped and her eyes filled with tears once more. She is also coming Christmas caroling with us tonight again! Wow, she is amazing :) The Church is true and Jesus Christ IS the Savior of the world. We are so blessed to have this knowledge. 

I love you all! Have an incredible week!

Sister Kraus

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