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Monday, June 2, 2014

It's all about LOVE!‏

Woo! This week was infinitely better then last weeks.. Heavenly Father answers prayers, that's for sure! I think I am slowly getting amnesia out here though, because it is seriously a struggle to remember everything that happened this week..but I shall do my best!

I will start with the most hilarious/best experience of my week. One word. Randy. I stinking love this kid! He is so sincere, so in tune with the spirit, and seeking out the truth more then anyone I've ever met. He came to church again yesterday (had to ride the hot stinky bus 1 hour to get there) and was just thrilled to be there. He is really starting to get to know members of the ward and is starting to feel welcome. During testimony meeting the spirit was so strong I seriously thought my heart was going to explode. Every single person that got up, I could feel a little fraction of Heavenly Father's love for them and felt how special and how important each and every single person was in His eyes. My eyes were filled with tears during several of the testimonies and I just wanted to sit there in that room with those people for years! (well..maybe not years, but you know what I mean). Anyways, as the meeting was coming to a close, I finally decided to listen to the prompting to get up and bear my testimony, but just as I did, Randy stood up at the exact same time. I waved him to go before me and he proudly walked up to the microphone. He bore testimony of the love he felt in the room for everyone and from everyone. He said he knew without a doubt that this was Christ's church and that he was not yet a member of the church, he wanted to be as soon as possible! He then went on to say "what the He**, I want to be baptized!! Oops, sorry for saying he**...ahhh wooops!" 

Oh my gosh. I was dying. Like about to pee my pants status...Then the worst part was, I was in line to go after him..I quickly pulled myself together, then went up and said... Yup this is why I love being a missionary! Gotta love singles wards in Las Vegas :)

We also have been able to get quite a few new investigators as of lately! We met with a girl named Bonnie who is super cool! We taught her about the restoration of the gospel and she thought it all made sense and was excited to read the Book of Mormon. We invited her to be baptized and she said "well I've already been baptized 3 times.. but why not make it a fourth! I kind of like it anyways :)" We explained to her that by being baptized by someone with the proper priesthood authority, she would've ever have to be baptized again! She thought that was pretty cool and is really excited to learn more :)

We've met with a philosophy major named Adam a couple times (I introduce him as a philosophy major because it basically defines who he is...he is brilliantly curious about everything!) Everytime we go talk with him I think my mind might spontaneously combust mid conversation.. but we're working on teaching him the pure and simple truths of the gospel, because afterall, that's what we all need! It's really helped me understand the overall theme and main idea of the gospel: LOVE. Our Heavenly Father loves us so He sent His Son to come to earth and die for us so we may return to live with Him again. He has given us commandments because He loves us and knows how we will be the very happiest! Going along with that, Love is the reason I am on my mission. I love my Savior so much, and have felt His love for me more times then I can count! Because of this, I have been able to develop a love for the people of Las Vegas that is helping me share His love with them! It's all about LOVE! 

Well I could go on and on, but unfortunately I am out of time. Everyone have a LOVEly week! haha. Love you all :)
Sister Kraus 

ps. We got to go to the temple on Friday! Ahhh it is soo amazing.

pss. We saw another scorpion in our apartment. This time it was on the drapes right above sister Robbins head..good news though: We're practically professional scorpion killers now..nbd. 

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