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Monday, June 30, 2014

Applied knowledge is power‏

Ohh Heyy!

What a week! It's been a hot minute since I last wrote! (Las Vegas lingo).  The 
internet was down this week so we are emailing at the O'briens house (best members ever!) so this will have to be semi short. Man I hardly even know where to begin..i'm serious about this mission amnesia thing. It is getting HOT out here.. 113 was the high temp yesterday.. it basically feels like a hot blow dryer blowing on your face. All. day. long. But good news is that we're getting pretty used to it! I haven't felt anything under like 80 degrees (except in the church where they crank the AC) for like a couple months now.. pretty sure I'm going to freeze to death when I get back to Provo/Colorado! But yeah, life is good!!

So several miracles happened this week, I'm starting to realize it's pretty much the usual for mission life. We are able to see God's hands literally everywhere. It's incredible. First cool experience: 

We felt prompted to go try to visit someone named Celia we had met the week before. As we parked, we walked towards a group of people standing on the sidewalk (homeless people's usual hangout place). One of them named Cortez we had met a few months ago. He is so tight! He always asks us for more things to read and loves talking with us.. he loves gaining knowledge and always says that applied knowledge=power. Anyways, he is pretty stubborn and won't ever agree to meet with us at a specific time or come to church, but always thanks us for our service and sends us on our way with a big smile. This time however, as we talked, a few other people came over and joined us. We ended up scheduling a time to meet with 2 of them in an hour and teach them more about the restoration of the gospel. We taught them (Alphonse and John) and they loved it and agreed to be baptized! The best part was when we taught them about the first vision, when Joseph Smith had Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appear to them. We left a little pause so the spirit could testify to their hearts...and John said shortly after, "Well what did they say to him?? What church is true??" It was awesome!! After we told them that none of the churches on the earth at that time had the full truth, he said, "Ohh so we don't need to go to church then because none of the churches are true??" haha well.. hold up just one minute. It was hilarious.  Alphonse was especially interested and we met with him a few days later to teach him about Heavenly Father's plan for him. Here comes the cool part so keep reading..
As we invited him to pray after the lesson to know for himself if these things were true, he simply said "Well I"ll pray but I already know they're true! I feel something good and warm in my heart. Also, you're going to think I'm crazy, but I see and feel angels floating above you guys in the air."  I immediately had a waterfall pouring out of my eyes as I bore testimony that that feeling he had was the Spirit of God telling him that the things we had taught him were absolutely true. I also testified that I knew their were angels in the room as well and felt a feeling so strong in my heart that what I had said was true. I knew right then and there that this work is God's work and He sends His angels with us everyday to keep us safe, to teach those we come in contact with in a way that we can't, and also to comfort us when we feel down. It solidified my testimony of this gospel even more and made me so happy that I am able to be an instrument in the Lord's hands for just this small amount of time. I will never forget that feeling. This church is sooo true!!!! I know that if we just had the self discipline to live everyday with this knowledge at the front of our minds and let it guide every choice we make, we would be happier then we can even imagine and be filled with the Spirit. Applied knowledge is power right? Testifying with the spirit and living each day with the spirit as our guide.. now that is powerful.

There were lots of other little miracles, but due to little time, I will only share those with those who choose to write me letters ;) haha love you all and have an incredible week!!

Sister Kraus

ps. Well we have been scorpion free for 14 days now.. but wait..something even better decided to enter our apartment last night..dun dun dun.

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