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Monday, March 3, 2014

Heavenly Father is so amazing!

Hello Friends!
Ok this letter may be a little long, but bare with me. First off, Heavenly Father is so amazing and cares about seriously everything. I'm starting to realize that more and more as I've been out here. Especially in the companion that was assigned to me! Ahhh she is THE coolest. We have WAY to much fun together, but I promise we are working so hard.. it just doesn't feel like work because fun exciting things happen almost every minute of the day. We meet crazy homeless people that are totally sweet and nice to us, we get to hear people's whole life story, and about 98% of the time really sad and heartbreaking to hear...this one young guy we met on the street even started crying to us as he told us that he had messed up too much in his life and felt super guilty to even try to pray or correct his life. He said that he was dying from a sickness (not sure what) but that he had no hope or anything left to work for.. it broke my heart. But then I built up all the courage I could and testified that it is never too late to be forgiven and that Heavenly Father wants him to change his life around and come unto Him. We explained the atonement and how Christ's gospel was personally for him! That it was the only way that he could feel better about his life and get rid of the regrets. I'm not sure if he believed us, but we felt a strong spirit there and did all that we could to help him feel better. We gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet and our mormon.org card/phone number. Hopefully he'll remember us and turn to Christ when he is ready! The hard thing about talking to homeless people about the church is that we don't really have a way to come back and talk with them because most don't have a phone or a home.. obviously. It's super sad. We did run into a guy again though that we had met a few days before and he totally remembered our names and came up to us. He is so kind and gentle looking, and is so sweet to us. He asked for another pamphlet even and said that he loved what he had read earlier. We're praying we'll run into him again because he is ready and truly needs the gospel!
            We also met a guy who seriously looked like a BYU bro which is totally unusual for this area. We talked to him for a little and he was telling us that he hadn't drank or done drugs for a few months now and was trying to change his life around. GET THIS: he then proceeds to tell us "Our bodies are like temples ya know so it makes sense to not put yucky stuff in them.." Sister Crane and I literally about peed our pants. Nobody says that.. especially not around here! I'll let ya know when he gets baptized ;) He is so ready!! And even had a Mormon friend growing up. So cool. 
            We also taught a girl Saturday morning who was so amazing! Asked tons of questions about the Book of Mormon, said she would totally read it and was super excited to find out if Joseph Smith actually did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and really wants to know if he restored this church. She gave a beautiful prayer and we are meeting with her again soon! The spirit was so strong the whole time! She probably thinks there is something wrong with me because I was grinning like an idiot throughout the entire lesson but I seriously couldn't help it. It's like my cheeks were super glued that way. Helping people better their lives is what life is all about and is what makes you the very happiest!!
            I heard this quote at the Sister's conference we went to, which was the bomb.com. Our mission president and his wife are sooo stinkin incredible! Anyways it goes: "I"m a nobody that wants to tell everybody that there's a somebody who can save anybody." I love that. Because I do feel like a nobody sometimes out here when people look at you like you're crazy for trying to talk to them, and it blows my mind that the Lord has trusted me to try to bring the joy and happiness of the gospel to the people of Las Vegas, but everyone needs it so bad so we all need to be doing it! This song Sister Crane and I listen to like every day goes : "It's like walking in sunlight, when the whole world is covered in rain clouds, it's finding the truth and living it out loud :)" The longer I'm out here, the more I'm beginning to realize how drastically everyone NEEDs this gospel. They NEED to know that they can be forgiven and become closer to Jesus Christ every day through practicing faith, praying and repenting to him, being baptized, receiving the Holy Ghost and acting on promptings when they come, and enduring to the end! That is definitely the hardest one, especially when life throws curve balls at ya.One of our recent converts named Odie, an amazing guy who moved from Africa in October, told us, "There are no hard times, just different times, but they won't be hard if you trust and understand that God had us experience that for a reason." He pretty much teaches us everytime we visit him now...and he just got the priesthood on Sunday! It was incredible and a perfect example of how people can change and become better through the gospel. It is the only thing that will make us truly happy :)  Alright I'll stop ranting now..haha.  
           There were tons of other hilarious and incredible moments throughout the week, but this email is already way too long. Woopsies. Basically in a nutshell, being a missionary is the greatest thing of my life. This church is Christ's church and it will bring you more happiness that you could imagine. The Book of Mormon is the best book in the world and reading it every day really does give you a huge spiritual boost. DO IT! Last quote to give you something to think about throughout the week: "Life is about caring for other people. Not because they deserve it, because they NEED it." Love you all! Write me por favor :)

Sister Kraus

ps. I totally ate corn on a stick like Nacho Libre the other day. So cool.

pss. the other pic is of my new scriptures...they're beautiful and it's like coloring time every morning in personal study. I know i'm weird... it's whatever.

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