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Monday, August 3, 2015

This is His work and His glory!‏

This week was INSANE! 2 zone conferences, 3 exchanges, and a mini missionary. But we survived!!!
Here's what I learned:)
"The Church is organized to perfect and bless the lives of the members. It gives up opportunities to teach one another the gospel, fellowship and serve one another, and support one another in our quest for salvation." PMG 88
Callings in the church are divine and when we do our best to magnify our callings church truly becomes a sacred experience that spiritually fills our lamps with oil. This Sunday our relief society teacher did just that. There was much spiritual preparation and all of the women in attendance were touched because she followed the spirit in her teaching. 

We had a mini missionary out teaching with us on Saturday... HOLY SMOKES! We saw so many miracles. We got to teach 9 lessons and found 4 new people to teach in one day! One of the stakes in our mission does something called camp preach my gospel where all the youth do a study class and then at the end they come teach with us for a day. It was sweeeet. We have some REALLy strong youth in Vegas!

So, our investigator Sa'bryn wants to get baptized REALLY bad but her grandma won't let her. She has asked a lot in the past but still hasn't gotten the ok so we decided that everyday this month someone will fast for her grandmas heart to be softened and for Sa'b to have the strength to ask again. All the young women, her missionaries and her friends from school will be joining in. It has been incredible to see people rally around her for support! Please pray for her:)

This week I also got to go on exchanges in my old area of North Las Vegas. It was soo cool to be back! The coolest part though is that someone I taught for a long time named Brother Baudino has gained a testimony of this gospel and is getting baptized on August 15th! yep. the Saturday before I leave. I could've of cried. Well, actually, I did. I got to go through the baptism interview questions and could hardly believe my ears when he said he knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that this church is true. I know it's because he listened to the spirit and allowed it to change his heart. He's incredible. 

Lastly, the COOLEST miracle of the week. We were going to teach our investigator Serena, she has been having some problems with her husband lately and they are in a battle for custody of the kids right now. When we got there she had just gotten off the phone with the court. The member we brought with us is a priest who had gotten the Melchizedek priesthood within the past month. He almost didn't come to the lesson with us that day because his family took a surprise trip to Utah that day but his words were "I prayed about if I should go to Utah and I felt very strongly that I needed to stay here this weekend." We tried to teach Serena the restoration but she could not focus on the lesson, finally we knelt down to say a prayer and we received a distinct impression that she needed a blessing. After the prayer we asked Robert if we would give her a blessing. he agreed.People, this is the first blessing he has every given! It was AMAZING! the spirit filled the home and she was able to calm down and listen to our message. She is now set to be baptized October 3. 

Seriously one of the most incredible weeks of my mission. I wish I had time to tell you all of the miracles that happened! Just know that I know the Lord is directly in our lives and that His work is moving forward! And what a privilege it is to be a part of it:) I love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week!!

And a thought from this week: You cannot talk about missionary work and not feel the spirit. It makes Heavenly Father SO excited! It is His work and His glory. It should be ours too!

Sister Kraus

pic. 1. cruisin with our mini missionary!

pic. 2. The one and only, Brother Baudino!

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