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Monday, July 27, 2015

Alex's baptism!‏

Hello again,

I've only got about 10 minutes so this is going to be super short! 
We had 2 zone conferences and they went great :) We were super exhausted, and left at 4 in the morning for one of them, but the trainings went great and hopefully we will all be using the Book of Mormon more in teaching. It really is the key! Read it everyday!

I've had to give a departing testimony twice now, and man, it's such a weird concept, to stand in front of everyone and share what is deep down in your heart. You feel so vulnerable, but there is nothing more powerful then a simple, pure testimony about the truths we have gained from the witness of the spirit, and evidences all around us. The feeling is incredible. 

Lastly, Alexandra got baptized on Saturday!! Almost her entire family came! Even her dad and her brother all the way from New York! Her dad was able to baptize her and it was one of the most tender moments I have gotten to witness on my mission. I love Alex soo much! She is going to be such an asset to the Stonegate ward! The members already love her and have been strengthened by her testimony! She is incredible. 

Love you all! This church is the Savior's church on earth. I know it, and I love it. 

Sister Kraus

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