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Monday, June 8, 2015

Wed. Journal

Hello! Well I don't really have time to write.. surprise surprise! But I do have time to copy and paste a journal entry from Wednesday. It was an amazing day :) 

Wednesday.Ok. Biggest day of miracles in my entire life.So after MLC we went to teach Timothy and his cute little family with Matthew and Ashley (baptized 3 weeks ago). The lesson went great, and afterwards Ashley started telling us about an experienced she had at her bachelorette party (they were also just married). Her friends were giving her a hard time about paying tithing to the church, as well as some other doctrinal points.. She simply bore her testimony to her friends and explained it was kind of like how they had paid for her bachelorette party because they loved her, even though it wasn't easy financially, or convenient. She also promised them that she has always been blessed in miraculous ways by paying tithing. Shortly after this conversation they headed up to their nice room in the hotel they were staying at and came to find out that it was infested with bugs! The hotel manager immediately set them up with upgraded suites, and additionally stay in the penthouse for a night, and their food and rooms were to be completely paid for. Miracle right? Ashley turned to her friends and said that she had been paying her tithing.Next, we drove to our next plan for the evening..Lori at 7:30! We pulled up to her house then decided to look real quick on the iPads to see if any less actives lived on the same street. We weren't successful and exited the car just in time to see 2 Asian women walking rather quickly about 20 feet ahead of us. We hesitated for a few seconds then simultaneously decided to run after them. As we approached them (quite out of breath might I add..sheesh I'm out of shape) it became quite clear that they weren't interested after talking with them for just a minute.  As we turned to walk back to the car we saw a couple in their garage in some sort of heated debate. Not our most ideal finding situation, but hey, we had already been super awkward just 10 seconds earlier, why not go for round 2. As we introduced ourselves, their expressions changed and they began to walk towards us. They both had family members of the church and the ladies granddaughter had just been baptized a couple weeks prior! They had felt the spirit at the baptismal service and were so excited to learn more. We shared a scripture and prayer with them and set up a time to come back. Javier and Elizabeth are their names, and Javier even said that unfortunately they hadn't found a Mormon church in the area yet! We told them we could fix that right away :)As we started walking back to our car, practically floating on cloud 9, we noticed a young mom just getting home trying to unload the groceries from her car, as well as caring her 2 month old baby. We introduced ourselves and offered to help and she actually accepted! It was amazing because this is a rare thing for sisters. People usually think only elders can do the physical service...lame I know. Anyways, we get talking and she also has lots of Mormon family members and has been going to church with her aunts off and on over the past year. She had just asked one the other day if she should start meeting with missionaries and BAM! Heavenly Father placed us right in her path. We shared a message and prayer with her and her aunt Alma (who also happens to not be a member of the church and was interested in learning). Heavenly Father really outdid himself tonight. We were just baffled. This church is true, and God is preparing people everywhere to receive it! We just have to jump on
board and be willing to follow promptings from the spirit. 

Sunday. Wow. Such a great day! Ward council was super
spiritual and Bishop Cox gave a great spiritual thought about a little
9 year old boy who was accidentally run over by his father 2 weeks ago
and died. They are an LDS family and were really having a tough time
with it. Apparently both the parents spoke at the funeral (no idea how
they were able to keep it together) and talked about the struggles and
hard times they'd has raising their son, and how at times he wouldn't
even tell his mother he loved her back when she dropped him off for
school. However the mom was able to receive peace in the temple after
the accident happened and came to know for sure that her son knew she
loved him. This is the most important thing we are here on this earth
to learn..how to love others unconditionally...even when we don't
receive that love back. It causes me to think.....do others around me
truly know how much I love them? Man. 
Developing charity for others takes a continuous, daily effort. But we
must never stop working for it! We also had some neat miracles when
brother Palmer was out with us! We met a cool guy who has been looking
for the truth for 60 years and said we could send missionaries to
visit him in San Diego! We also met a lost sheep family who wants to
come back and the husband wants to be re-baptized! And we had an
awesome first lesson with Josephina and her husband and son
Rigo and Rigo jr! Rigo jr. Is going through a divorce right now and
brother Palmer also recently went through a divorce. He was able to
give some words of comfort and advice and they all want us to come
back and teach them more on Tuesday! What a miracle :) my heart is so
happy. Also, Sister Hope and I have lots of fun together, so that just makes
everything awesome :) The work here is going great! Have a great week everyone!

Love you all! 
Sister Kraus

pic. didn't take any pics on my camera this week, but here"s Sister Hope and I! We have too much fun together..

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