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Monday, June 15, 2015

My heart could potentially explode‏

Just wanted to take time to write about the small miracles we've seen
this week. First off, on Tuesday we had exchanges and I was with
sister Harlon here in our area. We first had an amazing lesson with
Alexandra who we miraculously met last Thursday. Sister Lee was with
us and was able to relate very well and helped Alex see that she's
ready to make these change in her life to feel closer to God and Jesus
Christ. Alex has had a terribly rough upbringing and pretty much told
us everything...abuse, drugs, and pretty much every terrible thing you
could imagine. It was so so heartbreaking. However, since she has been
going to church with her aunt over the last year she has started to
feel peace and knows that this is exactly what she needs and wants for
herself and her 2 month old daughter. She accepted a baptismal date of
July 3rd and said she'll do her best to stop smoking and clean her
life up..before we even taught her about the word of wisdom. Yeah
she's elect!Then we had a sweet lesson with Sabryn at the Lee's house.
We talked about Christlike attributes..especially patience for Sabryn
at this time in her life. Her grandma won't let her get baptized :/
she's cruising thrush the Book of Mormon though and comes to church
every week!
And for the last miracle of the day, we had Matthew out to teach with
us (a recently re-activated member. His wife just joined the church
and they are incredible!) our lesson fell through, and just as we were
going to try another potential, we got a phone call from a guy named
Julian we had met in the street the other day..he said he was free to
talk for a bit if we happened to be in the area. We were like 2
minutes from his apartment complex so we went right over. Julian had
been atheist his entire life but recently started having a lot of
success in his business and began to realize that there was no way it
was all him, or just a coincidence. We met with him inside the
clubhouse and started to talk. Matthew was the single most perfect
member we could have had with us. He had been raised in the church,
but in medical school he started to lean towards the idea of science
being the creating force in the world, though he still believed in
God. He began to explore all different types of religions, then
eventually came to realize that the Mormon church had all of the
truths and it made most sense to him, logically and spiritually. He
came back to the church a month ago and his new wife was also
baptized! Anyways, so when Julian started asking some deep questions
about us and different churches, Matthew knew exactly what to say. It
was perfectly orchestrated. God never ceases to amaze me.

Friday. Brandi and her family came and watched Meet the Mormons at our
mission presidents house. Afterwards, brandi was asking a lot of
questions about what's it's like being a missionary and what she would
have to do to prepare to serve. We told her the first step of course
was baptism.....she excitedly responded, "yeah, I think I'm ready for
June 27th!" She also said she wanted to come out and teach with us!
Whoa. Super cool right?

Saturday we biked for 2 hours in the morning and it was already 100
degrees, but we got lots of sympathy from people, and even got a
couple return appointments, and sweet farmers tans. Brandi came out
with us in the evening for 2 hours and we had so many little miracles!
We street contacted a little family that said they wanted us to come
back, and also ran into the exact person in the parking lot who we
were trying to visit, who also said she wanted us to come back! Brandi
loved it and said she's really considering a mission.

Sunday. Ohh man. Where do I even begin? Church was great as usual and
Alexandra came for the first time and absolutely loved it! Her 2 month
old baby even slept the whole time so she could listen and feel the
spirit. After church we went to the Why I believe fireside. An elder
and I played "There is a Green Hill Far Away" which went nicely, and
then Daniella Flores (a girl I got to teach/baptize in my first area)
spoke to the congregation about her conversion story. The spirit was
so strong and she did such an incredible job! At one point when she
had gotten emotional, she looks at the congregation and said "oh man
this is embarrassing..am I an ugly crier??" Haha she's my favorite! I
also got to see a bunch of my old besties from the YSA ward, so that
was also super fun :) and to top it off...it was my sister Erin's 15th
birthday and Daniella's year mark of being a member of the church! My
heart could of exploded, I swear. So much joy.

During church on Sunday while singing the sacrament hymn, I had a
really huge realization. We were singing "Reverently and Meekly Now"
and the last verse words read: "I have loved thee as thy friend, with
a love that cannot end. Be obedient I implore, prayerful watchful
evermore. And be constant unto me, that thy Savior I may be." That
last phrase really hit me. Christ desperately wants to save each us
from the sins and sorrows of the world, and he has already paid the
price for all those things. However, we cannot access His precious
gift unless we live the principles of the gospel. Know it, live it,
love it, and share it!

Love you all :) have a great week!

Sister Kraus.

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