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Monday, October 27, 2014

Called to Serve in Anthem!‏


Wow it's been a crazy couple of weeks. Only as a missionary has this much craziness in my life been so exciting and enjoyable.

First things first! I've been transferred..again! I'm going to Anthem (close to Henderson) and I'll be in the Inspirada ward. Me and my new companion (Sister Mayfield, who I absolutely adore) will be getting double transferred in, so we're both starting fresh without knowing a single person. Should be pretty exciting! We've also been called as Sister Training Leaders, which pretty much means we get to go on lots of sleep overs with the other sisters.. also known as exchanges. :) I feel so inadequate to be given this calling, but I know it'll help me learn to trust in the Lord more and grow personally and as a missionary. Life's all about growing and feeling uncomfortable anyways right? Hopefully being in Anthem won't also make me grow physically.. if you know what I mean. The members are pretty wealthy from what I've heard....cheesecake factory anyone? Also, Marie Osmond lives in Anthem, so maybe she'd like to do a musical number with me in church....? haha yeah we'll see. 

So in the midst of all the craziness of transfers, I had to go to Vegas for 2 days this week to be in a tri-panionship while some other sisters were getting trained on how to be Sister AP's. yes that's a thing now.. pretty awesome! On Thursday we taught this 10 year old girl named Shania who is amazing. She had been invited to pray to see if she should be baptized on November 8th by the Sisters. She already knew she wanted to be because she knows the Book of Mormon is true and knows the church is true, but she decided she wanted to hear what Heavenly Father wanted her to do. She decided to do it Joseph Smith style and went and knelt down in her backyard on evening. After she prayed, she listened for the answer and she felt her heart fill up with warmth, and heard a quite, yet piercing yes in her mind. As she shared her experience with us, the spirit filled each of our hearts and let us know that Heavenly Father does answer prayers. No matter how young, no matter how small, He answers. What an incredible tool we have in our lives. Shania also told us she wanted to be a missionary when she grows up. She will change people's lives for sure. 

We also had an incredible powerful lesson with Carlos and his 2 little kids on Saturday. We read through 2 Nephi 31-32 with him, and as our member Sister Turney bore her testimony about the power and joy that comes into our lives as we live the gospel, Carlos got real quiet and his eyes swelled up with tears. As Sister Turney was speaking, he was able to hear Jesus Christ's voice in his head and could picture him there with us. The spirit was THICK. I will never forget that experience. Carlos knows the church is true and is so excited to be baptized on Nov. 15. As I was bearing my testimony that I wanted him to know that I knew without a doubt that the gospel was true, he said right back with confidence: " Well I want you to know that I know these things are true as well." Boom. Amazing. The church is so true.

Also, we had an impromptu musical fireside on Sunday night in Vegas that I was lucky enough to get to a ride to by some members of my ward. We through it together, but man it was powerful! I am blessed to be in a mission with some incredibly talented people. Also, hopefully all the youth there will now choose to serve a mission. :)

Well I am off to play sports and have a jam session with some other missionaries. Yes my life is amazing. Being a missionary is simply the best. :) 

Peace and blessings everyone!!

Sister Kraus

ps. Did you ever realize, that the song Called to Serve applies to all of us? Not just missionaries....think about it!

pic1: Carlos's kids Santiago and Emma. They're the cutest!
pic 2: These musical people are amazing!

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