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Monday, May 4, 2015

I'm. super. happy.‏


Yet another crazy busy week has gone by. Good news is, I've survived! And i'm getting better from my cold.. and i'm happy! Super happy. But super tired. Those two always go together on the mission. Because when you're working hard, you have the spirit, and when you have the spirit, you're happy.

So this week really was sort of a blurrrr...

We've been teaching an older man named Larry, and he is really starting to progress! We decided to  start one of our lessons with "Savior Redeemer, of My Soul" on the violin, then just ask him some questions to discern his needs and get to the root of his questions. It was so neat to feel and see the spirit working on him throughout the lesson, and at the end, he said he was really excited to start praying before he reads, asking specifically for understanding and to know the truth. He has never prayed out loud in front of us, or his wife (who is a member of about 3 years) but guess what.... HE DID! He gave one of the most simple, heartfelt prayers I have ever heard. It was beautiful. 

We had a lot of meetings this week... which are always really spirit packed, and therefore, I always leave feeling drained, and slightly inadequate, but it's always great to receive lots of revelation for our areas and for our missionaries! One of the main topics at our MLC was becoming a Full Purpose missionary. It was all about how we need to be fully converted, in order to teach others to become converted. We talked a lot about the WHY of the gospel, and the HOW. Why we are missionaries, why we want others to accept the gospel, and how we can teach more like the Savior so that others will fully understand WHY they must live His teachings. It was a stellar meeting :)

We then presented those trainings/councils to our zone the following Saturday, along with what ever we felt like they needed to hear. It's always such a humbling experience for me, being able to receive guidance and revelation as I prepare and study for the trainings Heavenly Father wants us to give. This really is His work! And He really does care about each missionary and their eternal progression, as well as those in our areas. He is SO willing to give us help, we just need to be open to it and earnestly seek it! 
The Elders had us all do a zone wide 3 legged race to build unity...so that was pretty awesome also! We've got a great zone :)

Welp, i'm about out of time once again.. but remember. THIS CHURCH IS GOD's KINGDOM ON THE EARTH TODAY., preparing us for the second coming. We must be anxiously engaged in missionary work at all times :) I love it!

Love you and have a great week.

Sister Kraus

ps. SHOUT OUT TO MOMMA KRAUS. happy 50th bday! :)

pics 1. Tiffany and James (recent converts from Anthem) came took us out for dinner! LOVE THEM!
pic 2. North Zone!

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