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Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Day of Labor‏

Ok, so there is an Elder who is like a champ at the piano, and we're going to have a jam session in a few minutes.. so this will be real short :)

Nichelle moved to Utah! Man it was so sad so see her leave.. but it was amazing to see the ward step up and help pack her up and clean the house so they could leave early on Saturday. We went over a couple times in the week to help her pack a little, and each time her dad was like "if you girls are here doing service to convince me to convert to Mormonism.. well you're doing a pretty good job..". Then when everyone came on Saturday, he was seriously like blown away. Church members are so amazing!

Scott and Dyan are still progressing and are so excited to be married/baptized on Sept. 13th! We're still working with them to help them stop smoking.. but they're getting there! Scott's girls also came to church with him Sunday so that was really special for him :) They have been doing some missionary work themselves and invited their neighbor to come sit in on some lessons, so that was super cool! His name is Kyle and he's been trying to get clean from drugs, and Scott and Dyan assured him this was the way! It's sooo cool when investigators do missionary work!

Coleen and Tom came to church again and loved it and are set to be baptized on Sept 20th!! Woot woot! Man it is going to be a crazy couple of weeks with 5 baptisms if everything goes as planned! 

Beth came to church and absolutely loved it. She is one of the most Christlike people I have ever met. However, her husband is pretty hard headed and intense, and doesn't want anything to do with the church.. or so we thought. He came out during a lesson on Friday and expressed his gratitude to us and let us know how much he really appreciated us. I cried right there on the spot, and so did he. It was amazing to see how people can change within just a few days! 

Sister Martin's English is coming along great and we have loads of fun together! Being her companion is a huge blessing :) 

Andddd parting thought: We are all spiritual beings having a mortal experience, not mortal beings having the occasional spiritual experience. Fill your life with things that invite the spirit and you will be much happier! :)

Love you all! Have a great week

sorry. No pics. I'm too lazy to go get my camera. 

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